nissan prix juke

Nissan prix juke

At the time of its introduction, Nissan announced that up to 23 total Juke-Rs would be built. Why 23? According to Nissan spokesman Dan Passe, 23 is the official number of Nissan. (23 = “Ni” “San” in Japanese. Now you know.) This means that up to 17 of the latest version could be built.

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Your humble author is one of the lucky mortals to have actually driven a Juke-R. It was the first one ever assembled, affectionately named “Lilly.” Our time together was brief—only a few laps of an autocross—but Lilly made a man out of me. But however overjoyed we are to report that Nissan will continue to offer the Juke-R, and a faster ones at that, we’re sad to report that the Juke-R will remain unavailable through U.S. Nissan dealers. We’ll keep our fingers crossed that we’ll get the Juke-R 3.0, if and when that ever appears.


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Nissan JUKE-R au Grand Prix de Pau

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