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Novosibirsk State Technical University,                     February 2005-present time

20 Karl Marx Prospect,

Novosibirsk, Russia 630092

I joined the General Physics Department of the Novosibirsk State Technical University as a docent in 2005. My scope is the theoretical aspects of Nanoscience. In cooperation with few institutes of Russian Academy of Sciences, I developed a new theoretical model of nanodiamond formation after detonation. I investigate the size-dependent physical and chemical properties of nano-objects and nanomaterials. I have created a row of models to describe the melting, premelting, diffusivity and etc. in nanoscale region. Now I am preparing a dissertation on these to become a Doctor of Physics (Condenced matter physics). I teach students General Physics.

Lipetsk State Technical University,                                        May 1983-2005

30 Moskovskaya Street,

Lipetsk, Russia 398000

Joined the Scientific Research Department of the Lipetsk State Polytechnic Institute (from 1994 renamed as the Lipetsk State Technical University) in 1983. For about 5 years I was working as a head of group researching the influence of lubricants on the properties of steel surface using REM, TEM, TA, infrared spectroscopy and other physical and chemical methods of investigation. In 1987 I took on the challenge of developing a computer modeling of structural and phase transition in steel. Today the results of this work are used at Novolipetsk Steel Works. I continue to work at the Lipetsk State Technical University as a physicist researcher (docent) until 2005. Received a number of career promotions during my professional career, since started as a junior scientist in 1983 and rose to my current position of a docent. I has more than 50 scientific publications, took part in a number of scientific seminars, conferences and symposiums. I taught students mechanics, statistical thermodynamics, electrodynamics, quantum mechanics, and elements of solid state physics and special course of interaction of radiation with matter. From 1991 to 1996 I worked on applications of ion and electron beams in metallurgy in cooperation with the filial branch of Budker Nuclear Physics Institute.

 From 1996 to 2005 I was a head of faculty direction "Engineering in Biology and Medicine".

Institute of Catalysis,

Academy of Sciences,

Novosibirsk, Russia,

I joined to the Institute of Catalysis after graduating the physical department of the Novosibirsk State University in 1978. In a shot time I became familiar with the M

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New Russian National Award Program

Applications for the awards should be sent to award-managers : RU3DX, Eugene Pletnev , P.O.Box 33, Moscow,109240, Russia RW3GW, Valery Sushkov, P.O.Box 3, Lipetsk, 398000, Russia DL6ZFG, Rolf Rahne, P.O.Box 15, D-39241, Gommern, Germany To get the awards you should have the QSL`s copies.

1) " RABA" (Russian Antarctic Bases Award)-the Russian Antarctic National Program

5) " FJL" ( Franz Josef Land ) - the work with Franz Josef Land arhipelago

The RRC has opened a quarter � RRC-QSL-Service � where you can get QSL`s with Russian island, QSL-info. Please, inform us about those who from Russian manager sends QSL well , bad or doesn`t send them. We`ll be glad to help you with confirming QSL. PSE SASE.

Address: � RRC-QSL-Service� , P.O.Box 3, Lipetsk, 398000, Russia.

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Интернет support by RW3AH � 1998

is given for QSO/SWL with radiostations situated on the territory of the ex - SU and Russian Antarctic Bases : III class : 3 QSO / 1 BASE II class : 7 QSO / 2 BASES I class : 10 QSO / 3 BASES " Plaque - Honour Roll" : more than 10 QSO / 3 BASES Repeated QSO/SWL are allowed only for different DX`pedition, for example : 4K1A`85-op.UA0CEY 4K1A`92-op.UZ1PWA RABA-manager: RW3GW RABA H.R.- manager: RW3GW , c/o DL6ZFG RABA Honour Roll # 1 RW4HW (19 QSO/6 Bases) # 2 UA6AF (38 QSO/8 Bases)

2) " RASA" ( Russian Arctic Station Award ) - the Russian Arctic National Program

is given for QSO/SWL with radiostations situated behind the arctic circle : III class : 50 points II class : 100 points I class : 150 points " Plaque - Honour Roll" : more than 150 points The points are given in the following way : 1 point - QSO/SWL with the radiostations behind the arctic circle, for example RA0BM, QTH - Norilsk 2 points - QSO/SWL with continental polar radiostations, for example R0/UR8LV, QTH - cape Cheluskin 3 points - QSO/SWL with arctic expeditions, for example 4K2FJL with insular polar radiostations, for example 4K2BCA, R1FJV island Victoria, 5 points - QSO/SWL with drift-ice polar radiostations, for example 4K0A, 4K0B, 4K0C, 4K0F, 4K0E... Repeated QSO/SWL are not allowed. RASA-manager - RU3DX RASA-H.R. manager - RW3GW, c/o DL6ZFG

3) " RRA" ( Russian Robinson Award ) - the Russian Island National Program

is given for QSO/SWL with Russian islands radiostations : III class : 10 different STN / 6 islands II class : 16 different STN / 8 islands I class : 20 different STN / 10 islands " Plaque - Honour Roll" : 50 different STN / 30 islands Repeated QSO/SWL are not allowed. RRA-manager: RW3GW RRA-H.R. manager: RW3GW, c/o DL6ZFG RRA-H.R. # 001 UY5XE 005 DL6ZFG 002 SP5PB 006 UA9OA 003 UA9OBA 007 UA6MF 004 RZ9OO 008 RW4HW

4) " RMMA" ( Russian Maritime Mobile Award ) - the Russian Maritime National Program

is given for QSO/SWL with Russian maritime mobile radiostations : III class : 5 QSO II class : 10 QSO I class : 15 QSO " Plaque - Honour Roll" : more than 15 QSO Repeated QSO/SWL are not allowed. RMMA-manager: RU3DX RMMA-H.R.manager: RW3GW, c/o DL6ZFG

is given for QSO/SWL with radiostations of Franz Josef Land: III class : 5 QSO II class : 10 QSO I class : 15 QSO " Plaque - Honour Roll" : more than 15 QSO Repeated QSO/SWL are allowed on different bands. RMMA-manager: RU3DX RMMA-H.R.manager: RW3GW, c/o DL6ZFG

6) " W - RRC - A" ( Worked RRC members Award )

is given for QSO/SWL with the members of the RRC: III class : 20 QSO II class : 30 QSO I class : 50 QSO " Plaque - Honour Roll" : more than 50 QSO You have a good opportunity to meet the demands of the award working with the RRC members for a week ( a week in May every year ) or at the RRC round - tables ( every Sunday, 09.00 utc, 14.135� QRM. W-RRC-A-manager: RU3DX W-RRC-A- H.R.manager: RW3GW, c/o DL6ZFG


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� Diploma-recipient at the�IV�All-Russian Nadezhda Obukhova Young Opera Singers� Competition (Lipetsk,�2008) � Diploma-recipient at the VIII�International Rimsky-Korsakov Young Opera Singers� Competition (St�Petersburg,�2008)

Eleonora Vindau was born in Kiev.

Student at the National Tchaikovsky Academy of Music of Ukraine from 2004 (class of�Professor Valery Buimister).

At the theatre studio of the Academy of Music, she has performed the following roles: Susanna (Le�nozze di�Figaro), Lauretta (Gianni Schicchi), Oxana (A�Zaporozhian Cossack beyond the�Danube) and Lucy (The�Telephone).

In 2007 she took part in master classes given by Vladimir Atlantov. Elena Obraztsova, Mati Palm, Grayr Khanedanian and Larisa Gergieva (Mikkeli, Finland). Since 2007 she has been a soloist with the Mariinsky Academy of Young Singers. Has taken part in the Georg Solti Summer Academy�� master classes given by Kiri Te Kanawa and Frederica von Stade (Italy, 2008). She has performed in concert with Larisa Gergieva in London, Edinburgh, Cambridge and Stirling. She has also participated in a music festival in Japan, performing roles from works by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (conducted by Leo Hussain).

Repertoire at the Mariinsky Theatre: Brigitta (Iolanta), Papagena (Die Zauberfl�te).

Repertoire also includes: Tatiana (Eugene Onegin), Louisa (Betrothal in a Monastery), Lauretta (Gianni Schicchi), Susanna and Barbarina (Le nozze di Figaro), Lucy (The Telephone), Oxana (A Zaporozhian Cossack beyond the Danube).

Her concert repertoire includes arias from operas by Tchaikovsky, Rimsky-Korsakov, Mozart, Bellini, Donizetti, Handel, Gluck, Rossini and Gounod, as well as songs and romances by Glinka, Rimsky-Korsakov, Schubert, Schumann, Poulenc, Debussy, Musorgsky and Strauss.

Has toured with the Mariinsky Opera Company to Germany (Baden-Baden).

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